Spring Equinox Ritual Ideas


This Spring Equinox on Friday March 20th is packed with juiciness, including a New Moon and a Solar Eclipse (visible in Europe). Plan a ritual! Here are a few ideas:

Spring Cleaning: I think one of the most important aspects of preparing for the equinox is cleansing, outside and in. It is the season for spring cleaning! Take a moment to go through your closet and donate items you don’t use. Dust your altar. I clean off my desk and dust my computer and keyboard.

Then take a moment to cleanse yourself. Try smudging, a cleansing bath or shower. I also love taking a “sun shower”—stand in the sunlight and let Her magick rays cleanse you. In all of these instances, open your heart and mind and let everything fall away. Shake yourself (just think of a wet dog!).

After cleansing, it is time to welcome in the new life. Eggs are wonderful symbols of new beginnings, and perfect for Spring Equinox. Try using an egg for a cleansing (see directions here).

Rattle Manifesto: Hand out strips of paper and have everyone write down what they want to bring to “hatch” this spring. Put the notes in plastic Easter eggs. I also like to put a jingle bell inside so that I can “rattle” my wishes into reality!

Let’s Bake: Make Easter Crown Bread. Here’s a great recipe.

Easter Eggs that will manifest!: Boil and dye eggs (try using beet juice!), imbuing them with your intention for what you want to bring to life. Peel and eat, bringing the intention into your body. Bury the shells in the yard for compost. When ready, use the compost to enrich the soil of your garden and plant something special, then watch your intention bloom and grow!

Whatever you do, take advantage of the sweet cosmic wave of new beginnings!

One thought on “Spring Equinox Ritual Ideas

  1. Thank you for these beautiful ideas, Anne! Here in the desert, we will be celebrating the turning of the season this Friday evening out at Calico Basin. Signs of Spring are everywhere; there is new growth on the sacred datura plant in the backyard, tiny leaves are appearing on the trumpet vines, and the broccoli is going crazy in the garden…. Blessed Spring to all!


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