Dance your Prayers this Summer Solstice!


sunrise_bosquedelapache3Sunday June 21st is Mid-Summer, the Summer Solstice. As penned by Shakespeare in his famous play, this is a time of high spirits, magic, and love. It is a time to surrender to the bright energy of the sun.

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we are living in the moments of the most light of the year. At the Solstice the sun stills, rising and setting at its northernmost position on the horizon the few days before and after Mid-summer, drenching us in almost unrelenting light.

Take this moment of stillness in the sun put down your work and turn up the music, pour a libation, and dance your prayers. This is a time for renewal, a time to open yourself to be filled with light, love, and passion. Laugh. Dance with the fairies. Drink in the light of summer.

Blessings of the Light to you this Mid-Summer’s Day!

Note on Dates: Astrologically, Mid-Summer may be calculated as the date the Sun is at 0 degree cancer. Summer Solstice (Latin: “sun ceases”) is known as Mid-Summer or Litha (from the Anglo-Saxon name for the month of June) and St. John’s Day (the feast day of St. John the Baptist).

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