Finding Time For Ritual In A Busy Life by Genevieve Mitchell

contemplation, Divine, Goddess, Priestess, ritual


Do you need more ritual in your life?  How do you put more ritual in your life?

The world in which we live is a world needs new voices, new rituals, new rites and new ways to celebrate and empower women to recognize the Divine Feminine, the Feminine Face of God, the Goddess.  How can we do this?

It feels to me that we need rituals for creating community, honoring the rites of passage, mourning our losses,  celebrating the seasons.  We are busy people, but our connection to the divine is the primary place to get fed spiritually.

For me, I want more ritual in my life.  More ritual of all kind, daily ritual, family ritual, ritual before meetings, seasonal ritual.  For work, my partner Anne Key, Chief Editor, CEO and I start our work time with some type of ritual.  Usually it’s a candle, an invocation, a chant or a meditation.  Sometimes we get a little more elaborate, smudging, incense, divination.  I also have a weekly women’s group called Spirit Women.  It’s a mixture of a mastermind and a weekly ritual.  We have a priestess of the day who plans a ritual to celebrate us, our work and our world. I love having ritual in my life.

How does one create a ritual?  As Nan Brooks says in The Circle of Theatre and Ritual in Stepping Into Ourselves: An Anthology of Writings on Priestesses, published by Goddess Ink, “Intention is the foundation upon which ritual is built and will flow”.  What do you want to create with your ritual?  How do you prepare?  How will you create the sacred space?  What needs to be prepared in advance?  In the end, just the intention to focus on  your connection to the Divine, to the powerful universal force of Spirit can lead you into the awe and wonder of grace.

How do you create ritual?  What is your favorite ritual?  What resources are helpful for you when you are putting together ritual.  I invite you to share your thoughts!

Genevieve Mitchell is Partner at Goddess Ink Publishing.  For More information and to follow Goddess Ink Blog visit  or visit us on Facebook at

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