No Hurry in the Season of Hurry Hurry

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This is the season of hurry, hurry, hurry.  We go from this thing to that thing, to the many things that are calling for our attention.  We live in a culture that values busy.  We live in a society that give you kudos and recognition and honors busy. Many people have an urgency addition.  It makes them feel important and valuable.  But if we can understand that we have value, just because live.  Our worthiness comes from our Divine essence, not from how much we get done today.

I am a blessed woman, even when there is much to do.  When I get in a hurry, overwhelmed or too busy I try to remember sage advice from a wise teacher, “Remember, no hurry, it doesn’t help”.  I spent much of my early life running fast, creating a sense of urgency for getting it all done, trying to do everything FAST.  But I am trying to appreciate what I have now, without that sense of urgency.   I am trying to recognize that if I am clear about my intentions and focus, then I can do those things, and the rest just fades away.  Because really, there are things in my life that really don’t matter, that can take up so much time, space and life energy that are not really all that important, OR, they are not mine to worry about.

But what might happens if we allowed ourselves to slow down? What happens when we stop to listen to what’s really inside?  Often it’s uncomfortable, it feels overwhelming, or humbling, or sad.  But honoring the truth within is a powerful practice.  It also allow you time to get your bearings.  For me it’s a bit like getting a break in the middle of rafting river rapids or after being on one of those old wooden roller coaster.  My insides are so jarred I just want to stop!  When we stop then we can  recover, regroup, and recuperate.

Slowing down may take awareness, consciousness and intention, but maybe the No Hurry breath is inside you, available to you if you just slow down enough to tap into it.  Breathe, see if you can see the No Hurry sign in your soul.

There’s an old Zen saying that goes something like “Meditate for an hour every day unless you are too busy. In that case meditate for two hours.”  It’s reminder when we are too busy, the very thing we need to do is slow down.  I also love the quote “Goddess is never in a hurry, but She is always on time”.  Or a good one for me is  from Lily Tomlin “For fast acting relief, try slowing down”.

It is my hope, wish and blessing for you in this season of hurry,Meditate for an hour every day unless you are too busy. In that case meditate for two hours. that the best gift you could give yourself is to slow down.

Bright blessings,


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Genevieve Mitchell is a Partner with Goddess Ink Publishing.  She is a Priestess, a Seeker, a Flower Essence Practitioner, a photographer, a socially responsible  investor, a mother, a grandmother and a devotee of God/Goddess/Divine/Spirit. You can contact her at

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