2017: Goodbye and Thank You

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Wow!! What a year!  It’s been a year of intense everything!  We have had the politics, the women’s march,  #metoo, climate change, hurricanes, Trump tweets, great inventions and awful social problems, old ones die, new are born.  It’s the cycle of life.

But it seems fitting to say thank you and good bye to 2017.

What happened for you, personally, spiritually, professionally?  What did you learn?  What changed in you?  What did you let go of?  What did you embrace?  What surprised or delighted you?  What was your biggest challenge?  What needs to be forgiven?  What are you most grateful for?  What were some of your successes?  Did you celebrate them?

I love taking time at the end of the year to ponder both how I did and look at the future with hope and honesty.  It’s not necessary an easy process, because it takes time and space in my life.  But it’s so worth the effort,  because I want to celebrate my success and honor the places there is still work to do.

Here at Goddess Ink, we have had a busy and fruitful year, due to all of you who who engage, participate and support us.  Thank you to each of you, for your Facebook likes, your comments, emails and interest.  For the teachers and students in our online classes.  For our colleagues, collaborators and for those who challenge us and make us stronger.  Thank you.

For those of you who don’t know, Goddess Ink offers books, online classes, sacred tours and author services.  It’s our mission to share the Divine Feminine, women’s spirituality and goddess studies with the world.  We recently started our daily inspiration newsletter, you can sign up here!  And we will be releasing our new Jade Oracle Deck in January, stay turned for more information!

I am grateful for 2017.  I learned a great deal about myself, where I need to let go, grow and be grateful.  To close out the year, I wrote a dear 2017 letter:

Dear 2017,

Thank you.  It’s been an amazing and blessed year.  Thank you for my life, my family, my home, my work, my sweet relationships, my health and all the ways I am blessed.

I understand I still have work to do.  There are things I need to release, including my judgments of others, my expectations of how things should be and my disappointments.  I want to be conscious of my thoughts, words and  actions.

Thank you to my partners in life and work.  Thank you to the strong, gentle, caring  people, guardians and spirits who helped guide me, heal me, support me and inspire me.  I am grateful.

Welcome 2018, let’s see what you have in store!

Sending love, light and blessings,



Genevieve Mitchell is a Partner with Goddess Ink Publishing.  She is a Priestess, a Seeker, a Flower Essence Practitioner, a photographer, a socially responsible  investor, a mother, a grandmother and a devotee of God/Goddess/Divine/Spirit. You can contact her at genevieve@goddess-ink.com.

For more information and to follow Goddess Ink Blog visit www.goddess-ink.com  or visit us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/goddessinkbooks/.  Also, please sign up for the Goddess Ink Newsletter for a monthly dose of inspiration.



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