Keeping the Vision

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When I think of vision, I think clarity and focus.  These are qualities that I very much want in my life, and for my work. They also provide guidance, emphasis and motivation for what I do in life.  Here is the Merriam Webster definition of Vision:

“1a : the act or power of seeing : sight
b : the special sense by which the qualities of an object (such as color, luminosity, shape, and size) constituting its appearance are perceived through a process in which light rays entering the eye are transformed by the retina into electrical signals that are transmitted to the brain via the optic nerve
2a : something seen in a dream, trance, or ecstasy; especially : a supernatural appearance that conveys a revelation
b : a thought, concept, or object formed by the imagination
c : a manifestation to the senses of something immaterial
3a : the act or power of imagination
(1) : mode of seeing or conceiving 

(2) : unusual discernment or foresight a person of vision

c : direct mystical awareness of the supernatural usually in visible form
4a something seen
b a lovely or charming sight”

I really like the thought that my vision can provide me with “unusual discernment or foresight”.  I would love to be thought of as a “person of vision”!

I recently came to realize that my “vision” was clouded by details that really didn’t serve the bigger picture of my life that I am called to lead.  Family details, home details, business details and other peoples projects were leading my list, while my vision, my bigger picture, my best self, was mired in those details.

I recently took a few days off, to regroup, to spend time in retreat, self care and silence.  It was great!  AND, the best part, was getting my VISION back.  I have clarity and focus for where I want to spend my time, my energy and my money.

Of course I will continue to connect with my family, tend to my house, work on my business, my projects and in my community. But there is a lovely clarity that I am doing it remembering my vision, using my voice and arranging my life my way, not based on others expectations or plans.

I also made a re-commitment to my work to honor the Divine Feminine and women’s spirituality.  I am charting my new path to the Sacred as I spend time with my Priestessing, with my meditation practices, ritual and connecting with individuals that support me in my path.

Here at Goddess Ink we provide booksonline classes and sacred tours focusing on the Divine Feminine, women’s spirituality and goddess studies.  We have a daily inspiration that we send out Monday through Friday.  You can sign up here.  We also have a new oracle deck called The Jade Oracle, a beautiful 52 card deck of MesoAmerican deities and symbols.  We will also be at the Association of Women and Mythology conference in Las Vegas, Nevada next month.

Let me know if there are other resources you might need your path to the Sacred.

Begin with your “solitude”
Remember you are
intricately interwoven, circuitry connected, lines open
at all times….
You are simply a star, radiating light and warmth,
Like the Sun
—-From Garden-ing by Andrea Goodman in Stepping into Ourselves:  An Anthology of Writings on Priestesses; edited by Anne Key and Candace Kant

May your vision be clear and powerful

May your attention be focused

May the ways of the Goddess guide you on your path


Genevieve Mitchell is a Partner with Goddess Ink Publishing.  She is a Priestess, a Seeker, a Flower Essence Practitioner, a photographer, a socially responsible  investor, a mother, a grandmother and a devotee of God/Goddess/Divine/Spirit. You can contact her at

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