Summer Solstice: Bathe in Light

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Today is Mid-Summer, the Summer Solstice. As penned by Shakespeare in his famous play, this is a time of high spirits, magic, and love. It is a time to surrender to the bright energy of the sun. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we are living in the moments of the most light of the year. Solstice means “sun ceases,” and it is at this point that the sun stills, rising and setting at its northernmost position on the horizon the few days before and after Mid-summer, drenching us in almost unrelenting light.

I love the slowness of the solstices. The effects stretch out for a few days (unlike the equinoxes which have one moment of balance then quickly move on).

This can be helpful, for opening to the light can be a bit of a process. What do I want to show others? What do I want to illuminate on within myself? It can sometimes take a bit of time to work up the courage to look at the places within that are usually in shadow. Sometimes I take the take of “if I don’t look for it, it isn’t really there.” But, as we all know, it is there. There are the places of unresolved and sometimes ever-growing doubt, anger, jealousy, desire, greed, envy, resentment, just to name a few.

My challenge today is to hold all of these pieces of me in the light, for each precious bit adds to the being that I am. I am less than me without this. Each aspect of myself is a treasure. Let me fortify it, energize it, charging it in the sunshine. And, whole and holy, may I walk with arms outstretched and heart open into the unremitting golden light of the sun today

Bright Blessings to you –



Photo: Ian Flude. Anne and Lori in Conwy, Wales, Summer Solstice Eve.

Mid-Winter Renewal

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Tomorrow is Mid-Winter, the mid-point of this season of darkness, where we experience more night and less day, more stars and less sun. As the temperatures drop here in Albuquerque, I crawl under the wool blanket and the down comforter, snuggle them up to my chin, and settle in with a book (I’m in the midst of the Broken Earth series by N.K. Jemison) and more often than not, a bit of peaty scotch.

I move between hibernation and avoidance. Hibernation seems a time to rest, renew, and dream life into the seeds that will be planted in spring. Avoidance, well, that is binge-watching The Crown to avoid the daily barrage of news updates that flash across my phone screen.

There is only have one winter per year, and spring is just around the corner. I do not want to mindlessly waste the time of solstice; rather, I want to mindfully use these quiet moments to reflect and renew, recharge and replenish.

Take some time for yourself for renewal; dream life into the seeds that you will plant this spring. The world needs each of us to be our fullest selves.

Deepest Blessings of the Season to you. — Anne

Mid Winter and Solstice

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shutterstock_242072233I want to start out this post with the phrase “the mid-winter of my discontent.” But I do not want to let the beautiful darkness and stillness of the Winter Solstice devolve, filling the cave of my mind with fears, worries, anxiety and nightmare scenarios, driving out all possibility.
The winter solstice marks the shortest day and the longest night of the year. The sun appears at its lowest point in the sky, and it literally stills, rising and setting at its southernmost position on the horizon the few days before and after Mid-winter.
It is in the stillness of this time of year that I find solace. When I am lucky enough to be surrounded by snow, it seems as if the earth is silent – slumbering and dreaming. It is a time I love to be in bed early and gaze out the window at the velvet darkness, the bright stars and moon punctuating the sky.
I usually look forward to this time of year, to the stillness, the silence, the time to incubate and dream. But, as I said at the beginning of this post, I keep fending off the specters of political futures. It seems I am either lost in Shakespeare or Dickens.
But at this moment, here on the precipice of the solstice and on the edge of stillness, held and embraced in the gentle darkness, I open to the long night. I open petal by petal, a night-blooming flower, and trust in the deepest beauty that I know imbues this world. I trust in the love that lives deep in the molten core of our Mother. I simply must.
Deepest Blessings of the Season to you. — Anne
Note on Dates: Astrologically, Mid-Winter may be calculated as the date the Sun is at 0 degree Capricorn. Winter Solstice (Latin: “sun ceases”) is known as Midwinter or Yule (from the Germanic and possibly Norse)

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