Spring Equinox! Friday!


Friday March 20th is Spring Equinox. Are you ready?

This year comes on strong beginning with a Pisces New Moon, heralding new beginnings. Spring Equinox always occurs when the sun moves into Aries, adding some fire. To top it off this year, we also have a solar eclipse (visible in Europe) early in the am on the 20th.

In short—this is an excellent time for new beginnings.

The moon begins a new cycle; Aries helps us move it along; and the solar eclipse (when the moon blocks the sun’s light) gives us a chance to disrupt old patterns and energize new ones.  I always think of the equinox as a time for calibration. It is the day when the northern and southern hemispheres are bathed in equal light, and it is the moment when the sun rises and sets in exact east and west.

First: Cleanse. Try some deep cleansing – smudging yourself, your house, your workspace. Take a cleansing bath letting everything go and watch it wash down the drain. It’s a perfect season for a “limpia” with an egg!

Second: Calibrate.  What do you want? What is your path? Where are you going? Get your sights aligned.

Third: Clear the space. This is the time of year that the earth beneath us is roiling with life, and pretty soon there will be an over-abundance of green shoots sprouting. They won’t all come to fruition, and some might crowd what you’d rather have bloom.  In this moment of stillness, balance and calibration, take time to consider what needs to go to make way for the new. Clear out the dead leaves and rubbish, look through your seed packets and decide what to plant.

So on Friday, take a moment to cleanse, calibrate and clear the space because spring is here.

Love and Blessings to you!


More about Spring Equinox: Spring Equinox is often called Ostara, or Eostre, named for a goddess of Germanic origin who is the namesake of Easter. For the Northern Hemisphere, Spring Equinox is Mid-Spring, signaling the height of the season, occurring at 1° Aries in Tropical system, on Friday March 20th at 4:45pm MT in 2015. History and ritual ideas: http://www.schooloftheseasons.com/spring.html  and I love these! http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=377863.0#ixzz3SUztkDAp&i

Spring Equinox Ritual Ideas


This Spring Equinox on Friday March 20th is packed with juiciness, including a New Moon and a Solar Eclipse (visible in Europe). Plan a ritual! Here are a few ideas:

Spring Cleaning: I think one of the most important aspects of preparing for the equinox is cleansing, outside and in. It is the season for spring cleaning! Take a moment to go through your closet and donate items you don’t use. Dust your altar. I clean off my desk and dust my computer and keyboard.

Then take a moment to cleanse yourself. Try smudging, a cleansing bath or shower. I also love taking a “sun shower”—stand in the sunlight and let Her magick rays cleanse you. In all of these instances, open your heart and mind and let everything fall away. Shake yourself (just think of a wet dog!).

After cleansing, it is time to welcome in the new life. Eggs are wonderful symbols of new beginnings, and perfect for Spring Equinox. Try using an egg for a cleansing (see directions here).

Rattle Manifesto: Hand out strips of paper and have everyone write down what they want to bring to “hatch” this spring. Put the notes in plastic Easter eggs. I also like to put a jingle bell inside so that I can “rattle” my wishes into reality!

Let’s Bake: Make Easter Crown Bread. Here’s a great recipe.

Easter Eggs that will manifest!: Boil and dye eggs (try using beet juice!), imbuing them with your intention for what you want to bring to life. Peel and eat, bringing the intention into your body. Bury the shells in the yard for compost. When ready, use the compost to enrich the soil of your garden and plant something special, then watch your intention bloom and grow!

Whatever you do, take advantage of the sweet cosmic wave of new beginnings!

Online classes


We at Goddess Ink are so excited to announce online classes! Since the inception of Goddess Ink, it has been our dream to be able to bring more than books to you. There are so many amazing women in our community with knowledge to share, and we want to help make it available to you. As the offerings of women’s studies classes in colleges shrink, we hope to create an alternative portal for knowledge.

To fit with everyone’s busy schedules, our classes are open entry (meaning that you can sign up at any time) and work at your own pace.

To realize this dream, we have partnered with Kimberly Moore at Mystery School of the Goddess (www.mysteryschoolofthegoddess.net) to utilize a great new platform that is easy to use. All of our courses utilize video and audio as well as discussion forums.

We hope you enjoy the courses! Let us know what you’d like to learn and check out our offerings at www.mysteryschoolofthegoddess.net/ .