Here comes the Knight of Swords galloping in at full speed to let you know his opinion. He claims to know what is true about any situation, the world in general and even you! He is not shy; he is articulate and comes packing with words, words, words. He might even be right. After all he is a Knight on a Quest for The Truth. He is constantly searching and exploring for those cosmic clues that will satisfy his incredibly agile mind.

Although this Knight might be annoying and a bit of a know-it-all, I have to admit he is a favorite of mine. I love the quick thinking, the articulation, the originality of thought – even if he doesn’t have all the facts together yet. He gets those flashes of understanding – the AHA! moments when everything coalesces in that brilliant mind and he sees the truth. Then if he was wrong, he will make a sharp veer in his course and set out on the new path. He is constantly seeking to satisfy the insatiable drive to know, to understand, to speak or write and share his discoveries. He might be a brilliant songwriter and poet or that politician with the tongue of gold and iffy ethics. But he will never be boring.

How can the Knight of Swords help you with your quest for truth? Maybe he can energize you to explore new pursuits, write the next chapter, break through the barriers of your own thinking. This Knight is a rebel and detests limits. The truth is always out there and it is always more than we know. If anyone can honestly say they know the full truth of who they are, then I say it is high time they took off with the Knight of Swords and had an awakening!

Go for it. Get on the great horse of your own mind and ride off in directions never before explored. Share your tales of mental adventures and in that speaking or writing you just might discover a whole new level of truth. After all, each of us is connected to that unlimited, vast universal source of energy. Before we manifest what we want we have to think it, see it in our mind, and be the champion of our quest.

…Kathryn Ravenwood

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