THE THREE OF PENTACLES – From the Spiral Tarot


I recently shared that I had quit coffee and was invoking my Inner Page of Pentacles to help me get me back on track of better health habits. I am happy to say I am still off coffee and, after the first three days, am not really suffering (nor are my friends and co-workers!).  But the habit is there nagging at me. I noticed I have a lot of habits nagging at me. The good ones continue to help me but those bad ones…

I need a new way to approach my goals.  The old ways don’t seem to motivate me. I thought about which card might be inspiring and came up with the 3 of Pentacles. The Threes in the Deck (ruled by the Empress) are all about creativity. The Three of Pentacles is applied creativity in the physical realm. Angeles Arrien says it is about getting the mind, heart and action working together and being aware of intention, priorities, and commitments.

This card tells us that achieving our goals can be more play than work and yet still be productive. We need to love to do what we do; if for no other reason because we want that outcome! The three of Pentacles is the time when we start a new project that is going to bring long term achievement. When approaching a task or goal in the same old way isn’t working, then it is time to create a new plan; one that inspires and motivates us to get started and stay with it. Remember, Pentacles are long term. We don’t have to accomplish everything overnight!

The picture above shows a ballerina in the spotlight receiving accolades. She is the star, the ultimate in her art form. It probably didn’t start out that way. She might have hated going to class and had to be prodded to practice. But after awhile, she found she liked it, was good at it, and applied herself to become the Prima Ballerina. She became what she envisioned and worked for. Now she shares her accomplishments with others who appreciate her gifts and talents.

If you feel stuck, unmotivated or just plain bored with your routine, call on the 3 of Pentacles to help you re-draft your plans in a more fun and creative way. What the heck – the old way isn’t working… might as well try something new!

And, you might just find that you put yourself in your own spotlight, feeling self-assured and confident in your accomplishments.

…Kathryn Ravenwood  5.20.15

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