THE SEEKER OF FLAMES: JOURNEY TO SEKHMET Featured Deck: The Sirian Star Seed Tarot, Patricia Cori


The Seeker of Flames: Journey to Sekhmet

Featured Deck: The Sirian Star Seed Tarot, Patricia Cori

In this beautiful deck, Patricia Cori calls what is traditionally the Court Card of the Page, the Seeker. The Seeker is that part of each of us that is awakening to our greater purpose in life. This might come after years of walking a spiritual path or it could be our first awareness of personal transformation.  Wherever we are on the path, the Seeker in us is opening up for more information and needs guidance. 

The Seeker of Flames is learning about the Tarot suit of Fire. This is passion, fiery will, and our personal power. At times in our life we can honestly say we are in good stead with our own power. We know who we are. We have owned our mistakes and made atonements as best we could. We have forgiven ourselves and others. We are passionate about what we want and who we are. We are in love with life. Other times we are lost, seekers on a dark path desperate for even a small glimmer of light to guide us. 

I invite you to become a Seeker of Flames today and embark on a journey to discover more about your personal power….set your INTENTION for this journey to be guided to a higher knowing of the transformation going on within you…take a few deep breaths…feel the place within you that is seeking, desiring guidance, power, wisdom, and awakening…breathe in and out… 

You find yourself traveling back in time…back to ancient Egypt…you are walking along the banks of the Nile…perhaps you can feel the dirt under your feet or smell the rich odors of the river…the sky above is a rich blue…take in the beauty of Egypt. You can see how the gift of the river makes the land green with date palms and crops growing out of the rich, back soil…animals come to the water to drink…perhaps a donkey or ox…there are beautiful white birds resting on the water lilies in the river…As you take in the sensory banquet, you hear someone call your name. A beautiful boat, a felucca, has pulled up next to you…it is brightly painted and has a canopy providing shade to the boat man who easily guides the felucca into the grassy area next to you…the captain reaches out and offers you a hand to come on board….you feel a wonderful sense of adventure and excitement, and you feel safe and trusting. Can you see who the boat man is? Do you recognize him or her?  Remembering your intention to be guided, you accept the steadying hand and step aboard the felucca.

You sit down on a comfortable cushion and settle in for your trip. Your able captain pushes the boat back out into the river. You can feel the current of the water move the boat along. It is very peaceful. What do you see along the banks of the river? As you are enjoying the ride, you feel a rising sense of yourself as a have come here to seek and find guidance to help you … 

You notice ahead of you a large building is coming into view…it is shining in the Egyptian Sun…you feel a great sense of power lies within it…you sit forward on your cushion, eager to arrive for you know that surely that is your destination…yes…as you draw nearer, the temple grows larger and larger until the full magnitude of it is amazing…the captain has steered out of the main current of the Nile and is moving toward a dock at the temple.

Your boat bumps into the dock and the captain jumps out to secure it. Then he turns and offers you his hand, helping you step out of the boat and onto the dock.  Notice all you can about this moment…what are you wearing?  What do you look like? How are you feeling? There is a definite shift in your perception as you walk over to the courtyard of the temple…notice the large columns, the beautiful carvings on the temple walls, the vastness of this place.

You come to the entrance of the temple. No one else is in sight. You take a deep breath and walk into the cooler, shaded interior.  As your eyes adjust to the dimmer light, you again remember your intention for this journey. You walk deeper into the temple…how does it feel? Notice all you can about being here…

You now have come to the heart of the temple as you approach the Holy of Holies, the sanctuary of the goddess whose temple this is…you stop, remove your shoes and take a deep breath. Your skin prickles…your senses go on high alert…you are not alone after all…in the darkness you see two greenish lights and hear a rumbling sound…gathering your courage you walk forward towards the altar…and then, from the darkness the lights come closer…the rumbling grows louder…until you realize you are looking at two eyes…and hearing the breathing…of the goddess herself.

Yes…it is Sekhmet – great lion goddess of Egypt! She has heard your plea for guidance and has come to help you. She may appear to you in her lioness form, or she may appear as a woman with a lion’s head…stand in the presence of Sekhmet…feel her awesome power…look into her eyes…how do you feel being with Sekhmet? What part of you is drawn to her? What part of you fears her?

Sekhmet’s power washes over you – through you…and connects with the power within you……her very presence enters into you and goes into your heart…it is like a great explosion as your heart and her heart connect…feel Sekhmet within your heart…

As your hearts combine, her power moves through you to the very places within you that are in need of guidance…your emotions…your mind…your body…your relationships…all the places you have felt out of control, powerless, heartless are consumed in Sekhmet’s flames…

Her flames have total power…where you have felt your own power out of control, perhaps as rage or flaming ego, her flames come in and equalize you, bringing balance……..where you have you have felt fear or lacked courage her power comes in to give you strength…….where you have been abused or negated she enters in bringing a reassuring flame………You realize this is the most intense love you have ever experienced…it does not matter to her that you are imperfect…the flames of her power are flames of love and compassion…..allow this powerful love to fill you…….

As your heart expands you realize this is what you have been seeking, what you set out to find…it is your own heart you have needed to know…this is where your true power lies, this is what will take you forward in your life. Your heart entrains with Sekhmet……..let your hearts beat as one…….listen to any guidance Sekhmet has for you…….accept the wisdom she offers you……embrace the power you are feeling from her and within your own heart…….ask her any question you might have for her…….offer up to her that within you that you desire to be empowered…….Sekhmet embraces not only the beauty within you but also those dark, even shameful places…….give them to her…….let her flames purify and empower you…….

Sekhmet has a special blessing for you now…receive her blessing…….

And you have a gift of gratitude to give to her…offer her that gift now, thanking her for this time with her today……..

And now, Sekhmet begins to withdraw back behind the altar, her green eyes glowing……you find yourself once again alone in the temple but her presence remains with you in your heart, forever infused with the power of love.

Feeling this power within you, you turn and walk back through the temple.  As you reach the courtyard, you turn and look behind you knowing that even as you are leaving now, this will always be available to you…Sekhmet will always be with you.  Standing tall and fully in power, you are able to return – at will – to this temple…to your own full and unique life……

Take a few breaths, grounding yourself back into your body and your life.  Congratulations, Seeker, for you have indeed completed a quest of power.

NOTE: Dear Friends…it is nearly impossible to share in this short space the fullness of Sekhmet.  She is an incredible goddess of power, compassion, and strength. I hope this brief visit today has been a rewarding journey for you.

…..Kathryn Ravenwood  2.17.14

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