Power comes from within


From Anne Key: “I hold my power in my hands…my security lies within.” This is the phrase that accompanies the 4 of pentacles in Mary Greer’s Tarot For Yourself. In my morning ritual, I asked for help on a new act I’m creating for our Oct. 3rd burlesque show in ABQ. You’ll get to read about my journey with burlesque in me second memoir (coming in Oct! Squee!), but for now, the act I am working on is based on the Descent of Inanna myth (see more about the myth here).

In this particular act, I have the costume, music, and props all worked out. What I don’t have worked out is, well, the “internal engine” of the act. Me. While I feel comfortable entertaining audiences with my smile and charisma, this will be the first time I have asked my audience to take a journey with me, a journey that they might not have signed up for.

I so admire artists that are brave enough to move their work out into the world without admirers, without support, without applause. I am able to do this in other realms (writing, for instance). So my work here is to root deep into myself, for my security lies within, and open my eyes, for I will see the power in my hands. Inanna’s descent strips me down, figuratively and literally, to the raw, unadulterated, authentic, naked me.

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