Spring Equinox- Moments of Growth and Stillness

Goddess, spring equinox

Today is Spring Equinox, the day the sun rises and sets at exact east and west, the day when the northern and southern hemispheres are bathed in equal light. By the Gaelic calendar, this is mid-Spring, halfway through the season. From this point on, the light will continue to grow until we are drenched in sunlight at the Summer Solstice.

This Spring Equinox arrives on a waning moon and amid a self-quarantine for Covid 19. I feel ricocheted between the liveliness of spring with growth all around (our sunny daffodils are up and the scarlet quince flowers are in full beauty) and the stagnation of a city at a virtual standstill (streets are quiet; restaurants closed). The days are longer, but the activities are shorter. The spring energy propels me forward, but so much is stationary. I have a feeling that before this is over that I will have cleaned out the detritus from the vegetable drawers in the fridge.

I am also feeling between the worlds – in stasis yet moving, only marginally connected to life beyond my home, and that umbilical cord being the cable to the router.

At the equinox, the sun rises in exact east and sets in exact west. This moment of stasis gives us time to check our internal compass—is the bearing true? At this time when shoots are thrusting through the earth and leaves begin to sprout, do we know what we want to cultivate? Is our cultivation in alignment with our true purpose? Take this moment to find our deepest love and our widest view, where we truly hold ourselves as both an individual drop and the vast ocean.

Brightest Blessings to all, and wishing health and peace for everyone
– Anne

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