Spring Equinox Crown Bread

Goddess, spring equinox

If you have some time for a little baking, try making Crown Bread for Spring Equinox! I love baking the colored eggs in the bread. When you braid the dough together, be mindful of what you are braiding. Are you braiding halves of yourself together? Are you bringing the drop and ocean, the individual and the whole, into one? Are you braiding together peace and prosperity, health and safety, love and and happiness? As you place each egg in the braid, infuse it with what you want to bring to fruition.

I’m going with a profound shift for seeing our world as interconnected, and our responsibility for the whole equal to our responsibility for self. I ask for each person to reach in and find courage, strength, and resilience, to find the deepest love and the widest view.  Blessed Be. 

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