butterfly in the sun

Beltaine: Season of Light

Beltane, Seasonal Greetings

Today is the first day of summer, the cross-quarter day between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice, often called Beltane or May Day. If we think of the summer as the Season of the Light, then we can see that now it is definitely lighter in the mornings.   

We are entering the season of light, and the life-giving light of the sun energizes us to the very marrow of our bones. It is a time to breathe in the vitality and vigor of the season and allow it to move us forward on our path and bring our dreams to fruition.

However, in this season of quarantine, unrest, and unknown, moving forward is, well, not straightforward, especially when we are not even sure where the road ahead leads. Uncharted territory can open vast opportunities, but it also stymies the forge ahead.

But, we do know one thing that every single being on this planet can use more of: kindness. As we enter through the gate of Beltane into the light of summer, open your heart’s petals to the rejuvenating and revitalizing light of the Sun, and bring grace, beauty, love and power to all. 

Brightest Blessings to all. May kindness flow from our hearts, and may our hearts open to be filled. 

Note on Dates: Traditionally Beltane is celebrated on May 1st or the eve before. Astrologically, the First Day of Summer may be calculated as the date the Sun is at 15° Taurus (Tropical system), which currently Falls around May 4th to 5th. See more here.

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